2 October 2014

Sad Farewell

Brec and Sandy

On Tuesday we had to say farewell to Brec and Sandy as we were off to Boston. Alan and George were up early, even before the rest of the house. Maybe it was the excitement for the forthcoming adventure and the fact that they were to take off into the wild blue yonder! Anyway after a quick breakfast and last chat with their hosts, it was time to load the car and head out.  Better hosts one can not have as these two lovely people, but with promises to come and stay in Germany part we did.

Brec took us all to the airport in New Haven where we were to collect a hire car. On the way he showed us Yale University which was a very beautiful and traditional "old English" style complex. It could have been in Oxford of Cambridge. When we got to the airport, around 1100hrs, we were  told that they were not expecting us until 1400hrs!!! Alan and George unloaded the car to allow Brec to get on with his life, though Brec offered to take them on a short tour instead. 

No sooner had they done this then they were told a car was available and so after the formalities were concluded we were off on our adventure. 

The day was grey and overcast, but not the mood in the car. George drove and Alan navigated and so it was that we took the first of a few wrong turns. Eventually we got on the right road and it was fairly easy driving as there was not much traffic. A stop was made for lunch along the way.

Alan's lunch

George's lunch

It started to drizzle a bit on the way after lunch and we all hoped it would rain itself out before the next day. When we got to Boston, again we took a wrong turning and went round the houses for a bit until we found ourselves on the map, then it was straight forward.

Our boarding house, called Beacon Inn at 1750 Beacon Street, there is another with the same name at 1860 Beacon Street, was an old large residence. Our room was immediately off the reception area, which is really the entrance hall to the old house. The room was large with two huge beds.

Us on Alan's bed.

The beds were comfortable and the shower room was also OK. Alan set about doing some washing and then they went out for a meal. It was now much colder and it felt like real autumn. Just goes to show how spoilt we were when in Milford. Let's hope Wednesday brings back the sunshine.

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