4 October 2014

Long Slog to Buffalo

Another early start as we had a long way to go. After leaving our motel where there was no breakfast, we stopped to get coffee-to-go, at a Starbucks and then began our drive to Buffalo. Neither Alan nor George wanted to drive the whole way on the motorway, for then we would see little of the American way of life. So it was that we followed Route 20 out of Albany.

Today for most of the morning and early afternoon it was a bit like yesterday, lots of stop and go to take photos.

Then when Alan's stomach began to rumble we stopped for brunch at a diner.

They had a large collection of mincers as you can see.

We had today's special which was listed as two rounds of French Toast, two sausages, which were really hamburger patties and two fried eggs with coffee, though George had hot chocolate, which was the better option as the coffee was weak American mud.

Without much ado it was on again. We all found the chosen route fascinating and worth the effort. The sun came out and it was nice and warm, though a bit windy. After another couple of hours on the road it was time for another stop.

Alan found the saying that describes his feelings exactly and so we had an ice cream each.

Around 1500hrs the clouds began to form ahead and so a decision was made to head for the motorway to make up time.The best of the countryside was now behind us and from here on it was pretty flat.

We stopped one more time on the motorway and called ahead to "Oma's Guesthouse" and got directions of the way. Most of the way to Buffalo, Alan had been wanting to stop at houses that had Halloween decorations out. Some had just pumpkins, but others had ghost and ghouls too. Imagine his surprise when we drew up outside "Oma's"!

Oma originally came from Nurnberg, though sadly she is no longer with us, but the son, Karl, speaks German and is the biker!
So here we are, living in the house of true Americans,who are extremely friendly and who clearly like to celebrate Halloween.

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