13 October 2014

A sunny day in Manasses.

  The day started with Alan turning the alarm off and going back to sleep! When he did surface, George was up, showered and dressed and the sun was shining. The boys needed a rest from down town Washington and so went to Manasses instead. Again Alan used his iPad to great effect to get us there.
  Manasses was the first real battle of the Civil War in 1861. Both sides were green and had no real idea of battle, even the officers and generals, since many were elected to the post by the men they commanded or gained their position due to influence, like Irvin McDowell of the Union Army. Consequently the whole first battle was a shambles which the Union Forces under McDowell should have won, but with luck and some decent command decisions on the Confederate side was a win for them. 

General "Stonewall" Jackson

Henry Hill, looking toward the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance. The trick of light did make them look blue too.

Henry Hill Manasses

Once we'd had enough of battlefields we went into Manasses for coffee. It is a small picturesque town, which was also at the centre of the second battle there in 1862.

We were not sure what the buckets were for, probably ice we thought. The boys stopped for coffee and then did a little shopping in the rather quaint boutiques. Well Alan did, George still has to be persuaded to buy anything.

We were a bit amazed when we saw this sign and could not imagine that it would work in Germany! Then we saw the sign on the door, which may be an offer to some men.

Would you buy your man this deal as a present? 

The boys took in a huge shopping mall outside town on the way back to our motel, but neither of them bought anything. As they were early they went for an early meal in the IHOP restaurant, which had a special deal for "seniors" (Old Aged Pensioners to you) buy two get one free!

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