15 October 2014

A step back in time.

This morning in Washington the sky was overcast, but it was warm and promised to get to 27 degrees Centigrade. After breakfast we checked out and drove the three hours, including the stop for coffee, to Williamsburg in Virginia. On the way the sun came out and chased the grey skies away, so that by the time we arrived we had blue skies, fluffy white clouds and 28 degrees or more. The humidity was high too and it felt like we were back in the tropics. Since we are a little further south than Lisbon, it is no surprise that the weather is now so good.

We drove to the visitor centre and bought a special day ticket for seniors, which allows us to come and go in the park until the end of the year! It seemed excessive, but is the cheaper option since we can come and go on the shuttle bus around town and go into most of the exhibits during the day. We took in a short film, which was made here in the Williamsburg historic town and showed the main events leading up to the revolution as they occurred in Williamsburg, which at the time was the capital of Virginia.

With another break for coffee and cookies we then set off to go back in time.

Once back in time we encountered all manner of people and houses. The first house we visited was the Governor's residence, which these Colonials described as a palace, but was merely a large country house.

In the outside kitchen we met a scullery maid.

She assured us that all the food on the table was cooked in the kitchen you see here. They also had a smoke house and a well nearby. 

Then a maid from the house came to guide us around the residence. Her name was Terri and she was a real gossip, telling us all the rumours surrounding the governor and his Lady. Alan made it known that he still was a most loyal subject of the crown, but complemented her on her presentation which was really well done and most enjoyable.

A well fed gentleman, we thought!

We discovered, as we walked into the town, that modern people were making a film in this time zone!

It was about this time that we were getting hot in our perches in Alan's rucksack with just our heads out. We have to admit we have seen more this way than ever before, as in the past we have stood guard over the belongings in the hotel room. Well, anyway we spied a very pretty maid with a basket and so we used all our combined charm to ask her to show us around, which she willingly did.

The first hitching rail we've seen.

For gallivanting off with pretty young ladies, Alan had intended to put us in the stocks, but thankfully they were already occupied!

The boys were now hot and tired and so took the shuttle bus back to the car park. Then we drove to the hotel and checked in. Tomorrow we will step back in time again we think.

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