19 October 2014

Home again.

We were  early for our flight home, so that we could also post about our fun at the Air and Space Museum. We found a quiet corner where we could do that and also charge up the boys mobile devises.

This was the Jumbo we travelled back to Germany on. Once the boys had played with their various gizmos they went looking for a bar to have a drink. They found one with a couple of nice barkeepers who explained how American Football worked as it was on the bar TV.

This nice guy made a mean G+T while the other guy told Alan, at least how the football game worked.

So it was that a pleasant time was spent until it was time to board the flight for home. During the flight the boys watched a couple of films, tried to sleep a bit, but otherwise there was nothing of interest that occurred. 

When we arrived in Munich, we bears thought that we had all got on the wrong plane. The boys were not enamoured of the wait either, but needs must, when the devil drives. The plane on to Düsseldorf was delayed as it was over booked and they had to find volunteers to fly later. "Not us,"  we cried. These were to receive 250 Euros for doing so. They did not manage to find these volunteers so easily though.

At Düsseldorf it took forever for our bags to come of and we were glad that we bears were not in them.

George's wife and son were outside to collect us and then we were off to MG to drop off Alan and us bears.

The rest of the crazy gang were all pleased to see us, but we did not have time to tell of all our adventures, before Alan rushed us out the house on his bike to go and see Hanna.

Alan's log seat had been rolled away and someone had placed another candle holder on the grave, but when we arrived there were no candles in them. Alan put his seat back where it belonged and we then all sat and chatted about our many adventures. The little mouse came while we were there as well as the red squirrel, but otherwise we had the place to ourselves. So ends our adventures in America. Alan has said we can write again when we are in Malta, which is in a couple of weeks time. We think Alan may now write a little about what we saw and felt on the trip, but not tonight as he has now fallen fast asleep.

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