3 May 2018

We’ve walked to the sea!

Last night after an excellent “Hangman’s meal” and probably too much Port, our BBF went back to the Cathedral to seek God’s blessing on the next part of this adventure. 

He knelt again at this chapel and after praying he sang kneeling still, in a loud voice, the Pilgrims Hymn. This stopped the talking tourists from chatting any more!

As we walked back to the hotel the sky looked ominous and we wondered what tomorrow would bring!

This morning our BBF woke well before the alarm and after visiting the loo, made us all get up and out the door!

It had rained and when we got to here we had to put all the covers and Poncho on. 

Fortunately it didn’t last long nor was it heavy rain so Alan could at least slip out of the sleeves of the Poncho. We saw few if any Way markers, but Alan said as long as we keep the river and later the sea on our left we couldn’t go wrong!

It was an interesting walk along the Douro with the odd curiosity to see.

This was an interesting bird watching spot. On the other side of this was a bench and a sign showing what birds could be found on the rocks just in front.

Then we came to an interesting sculpture which clearly described some action or other, we presume in 1436.

The front showed two men, one digging. 

And the back showed one man and a carcass! 

And behind it all was this wall with a defaced inscription to the Princess Chatherine of 1436!

And we had no idea which Angel this was supposed to be either!

Breakfast was had after some 5 kilometres!

Near the exit to the sea. 

Now keeping the sea on our left we walked north up the coast. As the day wore on the wind strengthened from the NW until it was blowing F5.

A fort was passed as was this curiosity:

These women were clearly lamenting the loss of their men at sea!

We stopped for coffee or some other refreshments every 5 kilometres or so.

We crossed over a lifting bridge where we were able to take this photo of an AIDA cruise ship.

Once past the Boa Nova light we came to the boardwalk.

It was here that we saw other pilgrims for the first time, though none to speak to.

The wind now was not nice and when he could our BBF sought a more direct way through the villages where we had a little wind shadow, but these were generally short lived affairs!

After some 26 kilometres we had had enough for the day and sought out an Albergue in Labruge. This was located in an old school!

The Hospitalero was a South African lady who runs the hairdresser across the street called Betty. 

We chose a corner bed by electric sockets in a room of eight beds.

A South African born Australian had already occupied one corner bed. Later an Italian woman and then a German came. Now two Spanish ladies have arrived and they were not too happy about sharing a room with two men!! The men are out numbered now in any case! 

Our BBF has again not decided yet where or how far we go tomorrow. There are a number of options he says, so we Bears will just have to be patient! Buen Camino! ­čÉ╗❤️

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