9 May 2018

A cool day!

Our BBF didn’t sleep so soundly last night! Part of the problem was that the Menu of the day had two pork chops which he tried to eat! The starter mixed salad was meal enough. 

The other problems were all in his mind and of his own making. He had had yet another lovely video call with No2 grandson last evening, but has heard virtually nothing from No1 these last four weeks! The video call made him realise how much he misses his little family and not hearing from one half,  made him wonder if all was right at home?! 

As we did not have so very far to go we got up late, yet still left before breakfast at 08:30 hrs.

The morning was cool and overcast, with visibility at sea down to moderate to poor! Temperature wise it was ideal weather for walking.

The visibility improved as the morning wore on and so we saw another cruise liner on the horizon.

We were not sure if the 165-K mentioned here was the distance we still had to travel or not! 

And what exactly were these objects for? We thought they could have been parts of the floats in a children’s carnival procession of some sort!?!

And was this a fisherman’s cottage?

The first part of the morning was spent hugging the shore line. 

We were able to have breakfast here and a much needed toilet stop. It was a very clean place indeed.

Then slowly we had to climb while below us the waves crashed against the rocky shore. 

We asked if this is where Santa’s wife lives, but Alan said don’t be dense! No sense of humour before coffee we thought.

The Way went ever up and we soon realised we would cross the ridge by a small pass. We took it slow and though it was steep, this was the most enjoyable part of the walk. 

We’ve photographed these plants in bloom and now they seem to have chickpea like seeds!

The reward for any climb is the view from the top.  

We found a nice rock to sit on and just chilled and enjoyed the view. The American female pilgrims passed us now the first we have seen all day. 

This track now showed signs of wheel ruts in the stone. Was this then a Roman road? 

At the end was this gate, now looking back, before we slowly re-entered civilisation.

A stone cross marks the Way. 

Just passed this house was a field where a man was sheering sheep the old fashioned way with manual clippers. 

The man didn’t want his picture taken but the newly shorn sheep didn’t object.

We passed yet another laundry washing pit.

And then the house of a pilgrim. 

We now caught up to the Americans who were resting on a convienient wall. We stopped too and discussed how far we still had to go. They were traveling light and were package pilgrims with Green Walks Portugal! One of the women who’s idea it was for the walk had two hip replacements and they generally walked faster than us ! 

We left before them and started the descent.

These and many more had been marked with an axe while other smaller ones we noticed with red paint! Why?

On entering the town of Baiona was this tower which was a spring or a source of water at least. 

Then round the corner 

the first ever, seen by us at least, circular laundry area!!

And then we were right in town.

This was the first church we entered.

We prayed and bought and lit two candles one each for our little families and then we sang! 

The next church was bigger.

Here we bought two more candles, one each for our friends, one who is recovering from major surgery and for the other who’s heart is too weak for surgery!

After our prayers we sang again.

On leaving we sought out the nearest bar, not because our BBF needed an isotonic drink, but because we needed the Internet! For a couple of days now we have not been able to access it while moving. This is a major disadvantage as the pilgrim apps need to be online, so we had no idea where we were or had to go to find our hotel for the night.

We were not in a rush and a tortilla with a small beer seemed a sensible price to pay to get on line. 

In fact finding the hotel thereafter was straight forward.

These last two pictures are taken from the front of our hotel.

Tomorrow we aim to get to Vigo. Buen Camino ­čÉ╗❤️

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