15 May 2018

Plan B

Last night in the bar, our BBF met a very charming South African lady from CapeTown called Martha. They seemed to enjoy each other’s company for they gravitated from the bar to the dining room. The conversation flowed freely until they were the last out of the dining room! Back in the bar they had a coffee each before wishing each other Buen Camino and see you in Santiago! Our chap always adds, Inshallah!

Plan A was to walk to an Albergue in O Faramello, it was not that far so we did not leave so early. 

We crossed the railway tracks and walked until we picked up the Camino again. 

Sadly the route today did force us to walk a bit along the main road to Santiago with all its noisy traffic! 

We don’t think these pilgrims look to happy. Mind you if you had to sit by the side of the noisy main road, neither would you!

We were doubly grateful when we left it.

Walking now on small country lanes we were passed by many pilgrims keen to make it to Santiago today. It’s not a race, Alan said, let’s just enjoy the walk and be thankful it’s not raining! 

Barking dogs atop this wall were a nuisance. In fact barking dogs along the whole Camino were a nuisance. There was this one time when an Alsatian had his head out over the wall just by Alan’s left ear! Had he been one step further to the left the dog would have had his ear off!

The usual laundry area was seen but this one had an additional canal.

Looked at from here the channel of stones you can just see under the trees looked as if it was flowing up! 

It passed under the road we were on and under this little house.

Back on the main road we then found a café for a breakfast and toilet stop. 

This van was parked just the other side. We had no idea what he was selling or transporting, but he didn’t look like a Bimbo to us small bears!

As we had time Alan ate the whole of a huge Bocadillo. He talked to a young South African pilgrim who was on his first Camino!

Coming out of the loo our BBF now had a change of plan. Using the WiFi in the café he now booked us a room in a hotel a little further along the Camino than he had first intended!

Off the main road again we had quite lanes and some nice country paths again.

Passing through this village we again had the main road to walk for a bit.

This was the second such establishment we passed today! The house next door was an Albergue too!

A little confusing here but size won and we went straight on.

The Camino went right round this little church, but we went left round it to see if it was open. It was not, but the Camino also went round it so we had a short cut over the grass to it.

More country lanes. 

And no we didn’t put the bottle on top Pat, but took the photo just for you! 

We know of Vino tinto, but a red river it was not!

It was plain water and not at all red, so why the name?

We found the sign amusing though it lied about the distance it was more than twice that!

This was perhaps our last quiet lane befor emerging in the outskirts of a larger town.

The man’s humour is good but it was at least three more kilometres from here!

At the top of this rise was a little van with lots of places to sit and enjoy the cold drinks he was selling!

We speculated once before if this was mint! It is of the mint family, but is Lemon Mellissa or Lemon Balm. 

A short walk off the Camino in O Milladoiro and sadly, for tomorrow, down hill, we found our Plan B hotel! Alan got them to call the Albergue back down the road to tell them we were not now coming!

We love it when we have a bed and a bathroom to ourselves! Tomorrow is now just a short walk into Santiago! Buen Camino 🐻❤️

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