4 May 2018

A nice days walk along the Atlantic Coast!

Last night though he had eaten early, when asked to go with the other pilgrims to a restaurant, he went to drink the wine.

From the left, we have Larna from Hamburg; then Kieth also Hamburg and Naomi from Italy, but living in Portugal. Then next to our BBF is Mike from Melbourne and then Don also from Melbourne. Would you believe they live within 5 kilometres of each other, but meet here on the Camino for the first time!

Would you believe it, but he used us Bears as a means to get free Vino tinto out of the other pilgrims! For the price of a glass he told tales about us and other adventures! We are not sure if we should be cross or not?

This morning he woke before the alarm set for 06:30 hrs and got up. Then the Italian woman got up and then the two Australians. We were out the door first as he likes to walk the first five or so kilometres before breakfast!

It was a lovely morning with blue skies and not a cloud in sight. Our BBF had a song in his heart too. First he sang the Hymn Morning has broken and then Oh, what a beautiful morning oh, what a beautiful day!

We walked mainly on the boardwalk for the first half of the day, which brought on another song, Under the Boardwalk.

In one village we passed through this bar had an interesting sign above the door.

We could relate to this having sailed the oceans of the world.

Unless you enjoy being by the sea we thought that some pilgrims might find the Way a little boring, but we loved it.

This magnificent building was in Vila do Conde which is where one of the Metro lines from Porto ends and Alan said we could expect to see more pilgrims now.

The church was open so in we went. 

Here on the left was a priest  in white sitting on a chair hearing the confessions of a young woman with a number of others waiting on the right to say theirs!
Nevertheless our BBF now went to the side chapel you see here and sang the Pilgrims Hymn, not in too loud a voice, but loud enough to be heard.

Then it was on through the town and out of it again! 

At this roundabout we noticed a female pilgrim going the wrong way ahead of us. We had stopped so Alan could take of his jacket. He now whistled to attract her attention and pointed to the right way.

Just after this Cemetery where we said a short prayer for the dead, we caught up to the female pilgrim. Her name was Malla and she was from Finland. They walked together for awhile!

The sights as we walked were interesting and on occasion there were lovely flowers to photograph.

There were some interesting birds too with really long beaks, but they were camera shy! 

Just after this interesting pilgrim shell collection we came across the Kiwi couple Irene and Bill who were now walking with friends also from New Zealand. They were now doing it the easy, package holiday Way. Their packs were sent on to their next accommodation which was all organised by a tour company! We parted as we were a little faster walking but hoped to meet again along the Way.

By lunchtime there were long stretches of boardwalk to negotiate with nothing in between. It was all flat with no hills which Alan’s knees liked.

Eventually we left the boardwalk and now had about five or six kilometres to walk on cobbled road! It got tedious and Alan’s feet were now complaining bitterly that they had had enough! 

The journey took us through farmland and many greenhouse structures! 

After some 27 kilometres we arrived in Apulia and came across this church. On the roof of one spire were the scales of justice and on the other the cross was made with a sword!

It was open and only a lonely old woman was sitting in the pews. Alan went up to the altar, said a prayer or two and then sang and loudly so his voice echoed round the church.

Once out we were now desperate to find the only Hotel in town, there is no Albergue here, to get a room and a rest.

We have a nice room to ourselves with a balcony where Alan hung his washing to dry! He has not worked out yet where we will end up tomorrow and says we must stop this writing nonsense so he can go and get an isotonic drink and some food! Buen Camino! 🐻❤️

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