14 May 2018

We meet again!

It was a grey morning with the promise of rain as we found our way back on the Camino at this old Roman Bridge in Calda des Reis. 

Once clear of the town we had a mixture of paths to walk, sometimes crossing the main road to Santiago, but generally following it.

As we approached this wood it was necessary to put the rain covers on. However, it didn’t really rain, it was just that we were in the fog and cloud which made everything wet!

On the wall on the left is a little figure of the Saint who’s shrine we have been walking to for the last few weeks! 

Only 40 bottles of beer on the wall now! 

We saw and were passed by quite a few pilgrims now. The closer we get the more there will be. 

Here as you can see pilgrims have created cairns by making small towers of stones. Some pilgrims carry a little stone as a burden which they need to work on and when they have reached forgiveness in their heart they lay the stone down on such a cairn or at the foot of a cross. If they have many issues that need resolving in their lives, they pick up another stone and so on. 

Though it didn’t rain there was enough water about and humidity in the air especially in the woods as we walked. Such fords and streams to cross always make the walk more interesting and enjoyable.

Going into some of the villages the path was often cobbled which Alan’s feet do not like, but they seem to have settled down and have got used to it now.

These crosses we come to often along the Way and they may well have been the original Way markers. 

At this point we had crossed the main road again and met two Spanish young ladies who were confused! They were going to Fatima and said this sign pointed the way for them and we should follow the road! 

Our BBF politely pointed out the error to them and advised them to follow the signs back the other way as far as Redondela where they were sure to pick up the proper blue signs for Fatima! 

Had the sun shone it would have been a beautiful walk!

Good advice we felt!

We had picked the scenic route though in reality there was little choice.

We paused briefly here to rest our bones. 

As we passed through this village we were struck with the fact that one little red rose was struggling to survive on a wall amongst the ivy!

We went round the church which sadly was not open to then find the one and only café we had come to, without leaving the route!

In it we ordered Café con leche and Torte de Santiago, the first we have come across!

Then the big surprise in the café we found Mike from Melbourne who we last shared an Albergue with in Labruge some 10 or 12 days ago! So two cups of coffee were drunk while the humans chatted about their experiences so far. Mike was quite taken with the fact that our human travels with two small bears! Mike left first and so one wonders will we meet again!  

Once out the village we again had lovely paths to follow.

Then into and out of the next small village!

We now skirted round the town of Porteseques!

At this cross above the town we also found an explanation of its architecture.

The explanation was also in English and it was called the St Lazarus Cross!

Crossing the river we finally came to Padron! We stopped in a bar the other side to get WiFi and locate our hotel for the night!

The hotel is opposite the station!

We have a nice room with a bed to ourselves! After the usual chores washing showering our BBF took himself off to find a meal!

He had the menu of the day with a large isotonic drink and an espresso all for €10!

Tomorrow the short cut to the Camino is to cross the railway line here and follow the road on the other side!

Buen Camino 🐻❤️

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