1 May 2018


We were the first out of the cold Albergue early this morning. It was quite cold too with the temperature in single figures we thought, as our BBF’s fingers were very cold and he regretted not bringing gloves!

The Way out of town followed the walls of the Monastery. A café was open shortly after starting, but our BBF decided it was too soon, and on we walked.

Later we passed an old cistern and the irrigation channel taking the water somewhere. 

After some five kilometres we found a bar open and had a couple of cups of coffee and a ham and cheese roll. 

Much of the walk was through built up areas and small suburbs until we hit this sign. 

Thereafter we found ourselves walking on an ancient Roman road.  

The road led us up and out into a wood. 

This was by far the nicest part of the walk.  

When we got to the top of the hill we had the sea on the left and the clouds below us on the right! 

The Way went downhill from here and this is partly looking back the way we had come. 

When we emerged from the wood we were in continual built up areas, clearly the suburbs of Porto.

The way past this monument led now down hill all the way into the city for about four kilometres! Here was also a Metro station which led into town, but we walked!

One last stop for elevenses and then on to the bridge over the Duro.

The views were spectacular. 

A kind Kiwi tourist took our picture.

Being the 1st of May there were many people about.

On the other side we got ourselves a little bit lost! The city was bustling with tourists enjoying the sights and the weather. 

Eventually we found our Hotel, but it was only 12:00 hrs and we had to wait until 14:00 hrs to occupy our room. Alan parked his Mochilla and took us out to look for Rianne. Just by the Station he found Colette and Christine entering the city instead! They had a map and so he went with them up the steep hill towards their accommodation as it seemed on the way.

They all parted at the top agreeing to meet for dinner later.

Eventually after some wrong turns Alan found Rianne and they went to a bar and had an isotonic drink. 

Before parting again the humans all agreed to meet outside the Station at 19:00hrs for a meal together.

We now occupied our little room. Showers and toilets were just across the hall. 

After a shower Alan now went for another wander to the Cathedral.

To the left of the knave we found a small chapel.

Here, when the man you see had finished his prayers and gone, our BBF knelt and sang, not too loud, but audible, the Pilgrims Hymn and prayed.

Thereafter he got another stamp in his pilgrim’s passport and left.

We returned to our hotel just as a May Day labour march was going through the streets!

Then a siesta was called for! Buen Camino! đŸ»❤️

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