6 May 2018

Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

We slept well last night and when we got out of the hotel we looked for the Yellow Camino Arrows. We found some and met two German Pilgrims coming the other way. These arrows it was explained led to the Albergue where they had stayed. One of the two did not appear too friendly and as our BBF had no desire to walk with them chose to walk the coastal route! It might make it longer he said, but we would have it to ourselves. 

We walked through a park and on into the harbour area, leaving the two Germans to find the route through town.

It was another fine day with blue skies and warm temperatures! Gil Eannes was a Portugues Navigator of 15th Century, this ship named after him was a hospital ship and is now a museum ship and a youth hostel.

We went round this fine old fort and found an interesting statue on the other side!

As Alan has said before, we can’t go wrong if we keep the sea to our left! 

We did this for at least nine kilometres! 

The path was good and flat and as it was often
yellow in colour, Alan sang the song from the Wizard of Oz!

On occasions it was also a boardwalk! And there were no houses or cafes or loud dogs! 

What did not please us was when the boardwalk was covered in sand! Shortly after this point there was to be a café, but to our utter dismay it was not open! 

We sat on the café veranda and considered our options!  If we stayed on the coast there were no Cafés for miles if at all! If we went inland and joined the marked Way there would be one or two! But the Way would also be up and down. We had water and rations, but could our BBF survive without at least one cup of coffee? 

He chose coffee and so we now walked inland to join the marked Way! 

We passed a mown field and knew not what sort of grass or clover it was. It had red flowers! 

We came now to a village and you guessed it, not only did we have cobblestone we had uphill too! 

The Sunday service had just ended and some of the congregation were standing inside and outside talking. We went in. 

As soon as he started to sing the gossiping congregation left! The priest ignored us and our singing and just went into his vestry!

The reward for singing was breakfast which we had in a café round the corner and that after 10.5 kilometres!

When we walked on we passed this Albergue which would be a place to stay in Carreço!

We left the village and went uphill sometimes having to be negotiate mud and water! 

We took our time going up or downhill. 

There were views of the sea when we emerged from the woods. 

Generally as here, the going was good,  sometimes we had to be more careful though!

This old monastery was in a wood.

After a fairly tedious stretch of up and down we paused on the down side, here in the shade. 

There were even steps to go up to get to this chapel and then we went on through the woods.

What was it we asked, but got no answer.

The track was quite ok if even up and down. We met more pilgrims enroute now too.

This was not our Way, but it joined it and we asked was it a Roman road, but got no answer again! 

A number of crosses were found along the way too.  

This on intrigued us as it had one crutch as an offer! 

Through the trees we also had fine views over the countryside. 

And then we emerged to find an old laundry wash area!

And then there was the Pooh Sticks bridge. We played and we Bears won.  The girls sitting eating their lunch had no idea and must have thought our BBF crazy!

And did this anchor belong to anyone? 

We  then had this doggy loo,  when we came then to the next large town! Here he met two more Germans looking for the Way. The signs seemed to indicate it led into a dead end, while Alan’s App said go back over this foot bridge! 

The town was Vila Pria de Concordia! The Street lamps were decorated in style, as was the church. 

We went in and sang and some women clapped our BBF‘s effort 

He collected a stamp in his passport for his efforts.

Once out of this town we just followed the Yellow,  Brick Road!

This small fishing harbour. What you see here is the first part of a leading light to get into harbour.  The second part of the test was behind us! 

This old tower seemed to be a home! 

The Way was tedious now!  

A long straight stretch led before us now.

We had little energy left now. 

We think the fish our BBF caught was bigger than this! 

The centre of Caminha was a hive of chatter as people were sitting under umbrellas enjoying the weakening sun. 

At last our home for the night!

A small room but plenty big enough for two very tired Teddies! Buen Camino! 

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