13 September 2016

Day 9. Neukenroth to Bächlein 10.3 kms

In the night Alan noticed that his right knee had some fluid in it again! Not nice, but strangely the knee is less painful! Consequently we took it easy as we knew we did not have far to walk today.

We had to backtrack a bit to get back on the trail and once again in perfect sunshine.

Mind you we were not spared the up and down, but Alan went slow and we enjoyed the walk in the woods.

We came across a renovated border chapel.

The door was open so in Alan went to pray and sing. He left us outside on the benches there.

He lit a candle, made a donation then sat with us and chilled for a bit.

The route now took us on the road through a couple of villages before going back into the wood. 

These dwarfs and presumably their owner was a BVB Dortmund fan which we found odd being in Bavaria.

Then this sign reminded us we were in the border region.  

As did this stone and pillar.

Another border stone but from way back in time 1622.

It was not long now before we reached our hostel for the night a wellness hotel!

Our bed for the night and 

The view from our balcony. Life doesn't get better than this.

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