11 September 2016

Day 6. Grumbach to Probstzella 22.8 kms

As Alan now had no cash we had to find an ATM. Lehesten some 8 kms away was on our route so we went the direct way there. Alongside the road were langlauf tracks which we were able to follow through the wood. Alan got his cash, a resupply of electrolyte powder and some bananas. Then we navigated ourselves back onto the Border route.

It was another beautiful day and one where we had the woods to ourselves again.

In some places they had again left part of the fence up.

The DDR used to let spy's through these gates to go spy on the decadent West!

The money and effort that was wasted on keeping people in!!

Here a command tower was also left beside the fence.

The sign quotes the order to shoot anyone trying to cross and beside it they say it is murder nonetheless even if it was an order.

We passed an old water mill which seemed to be lived in, miles from any town.

And then we came upon a "wishing tree"!

Alan couldn't resist making a wish.

And then we were there.

Built by a philanthropist in the 1920s in the style of Bauhaus. 

All the rooms are large and the bathrooms are ultra modern and newly renovated. They have a stable wifi connection so we did our best to catch up on the blog.

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