16 September 2016

Day 12. Eisfeld to Bad Rodach 18.2 kms

Our BBF had a champagne breakfast to celebrate his three score years and ten!
Then it was out again into the big wide world.

We passed the former watch tower at the  old border crossing point, now a simple petrol filling station.

The sky was grey, but the rain held off and so it was a comfortable day for walking, not hot at all. The first bit went steep up hill. 

As always one was rewarded for the climb by the views. 

The highlight of the day was when our human could show off his soldierly stalking skills. We slowly crept up to a row deer, from 200 meters when we first saw it, to 30 meters when it saw us!

We were aided by the wind which we had in our favour.

Then we came to a whole set of crosses which were placed to remember those lives lost in a border crossing incident in December 1975.

A Werner Weinhold a deserting NVA soldier shot and killed two Border Guards as he escaped to the West. He was eventually apprehended at the Dutch/German border in 1976. At his initial trial the DDR refused to pass I information to the West, so he was acquitted. At a subsequent trial in 1978 he received a five and a half year prison sentence.

We found it interesting that the former comrades in the 9th Border Regiment should erect a sign in 2015 to the incident.

Then it was off again across the rolling countryside.

We came from over the horizon!

We found a bench for a longer stop and a birthday selfie!

Then after a short trip along the road we were back in the forest to try a short cut.

In the woods we were plagued by a host of tiny flies. The only way to keep them away was to do the Australian Wave till at last we got out, and into the sunshine again.

We now followed some minor country roads all the way into Bad Rodach.

It's a pretty little town. Alan drew more cash and then stopped for an ice cream.

Our little hotel being at the other end of town we had to walk all the way through It.

Once in our hotel Alan was able to answer the many birthday greetings and good wishes he had received. Some he tried to answer at stops along the way. But this was not always possible. Now with wifi it was.

Our thanks and his go to all who sent their best wishes for a happy birthday.

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