12 September 2016

Day 8. Tettau to Neukenroth 21.4 kms

Breakfast was taken with the our hosts the Schütze couple and nice it was too. Then Herr Schütze walked the first kilometre with us so that we would not get lost! The way went over the old road that Luther and Goethe would have used! Makes the mind boggle a bit to think about that.

For us it was easygoing and Alan's knee was grateful.

The way eventually led to a road which we followed down into and along the Tettau valley.

It was another lovely day.

A squirrel joined us at this stop, but was a little too quick for Alan for all he managed to get was a picture of his tail as he took off!

Cyclists used the road but we were the only walkers.

In Heinershof we stopped at the Veitenhofmühle for a large shandy and a little Frischkäse sandwich. We were there at the same time as a group of elderly cyclists and one of the women noticed us bears. So Alan introduced us!

The other side of the village we found part of the wall had been left as a monument.

Then back on the convoy route it was up a steep hill to the top of the ridge.

This was the hardest part of the day.

Compensated by the view from the top. It was again fairly easy going now and generally downhill. At some stage Alan navigated us off the Green Ribbon route to get down into the town where we were staying. He had not been able to find accommodation where the route went so we had to go the other side of the hill.

Using Pocket Earth to good effect we easily found Gasthof Resi and have a comfortable if small room with wifi!

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