11 September 2016

Day 4 Hirschberg to Blankenberg 10.9 kms.

Mossis kept our human busy in the night, but Alan lost the battle 3:1. 
After a lovingly prepared breakfast we set off into another beautiful day.

At first a super grass track but then back to the convoy route with its lovely holes to be avoided.

We were also guided by the signs.

Generally we were out for a lone walk in the woods for we saw no one today.

We could hear the motorway and soon we passed under it. 

Beautiful countryside and nice little villages.

The man did not have a clue about the hiking route, but the church was open and so we went in to pray and sing.

For if anything this walk is a pilgrimage into a Cold War warrior's past!

When we came to this bridge across the Sale Alan said, "let's play Pooh sticks!"

We bears won't crow, but we won!

On the other side was a thermal Spring.

We came across Bambi and her friends.

Once again the views were great, but today being a short walk we were soon at our next Gasthof!

They made us wait, but at least Alan could sit and have a beer.

When we finally gained access to our room our human showered and washed his kit as usual. Then it was off to the supermarket to buy bananas. On the way we found this little chap!

We have no idea, being innocent bears what was going on!

Alan went for a walk around the ruined castle and sat and just enjoyed the view.

Later he sat in the beer garden to have his evening meal and enjoy the setting sun.

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