10 September 2016

Day 3. Gutenfürst to Hirschberg 18.8 kms

Because of the poor way our human was when we arrived in Hof our stop for the night, Alan decided that another 30 kilometre day would not do. He chose to take the train to a former border crossing at Gutenfürst. In retrospect a good decision.
We found the way quite quickly from the railway station and shortly after getting to this point on the route we were joined by an Ossi called Peter. He was a born Sachse but he lived on the Baltic near Darss. He was the first to admit he never wanted regime change. He and his wife had work, the children went to kindergarten and school, they were happy! He walked now with us for the best part of the day.
Our route took us to the three free states point, that is Sachsen, Thüringen and Bavaria.  

On we went and we have to say he was good company. 
We came to a town that had been divided by the border and had a museum dedicated to it. Peter waited in the pub while we toured the museum.

The plaque records that a USA cavalry unit had been responsible for that part of the border since 1945 had completed its mission and was returning home in 1998!

The dog kennel doesn't look much but Alan told us that he had seen the dogs chained to a line which ran up and down the border. They barked the whole time!

We joined Peter for a beer and a bratwurst and then we walked on together.
Sadly the two human's parted after a few more kilometres as Peter had to find the road where he could get a bus back to Hof!

On through the woods we walked.

And ever upward till we went down and came to this spot.

The longest bench made from one tree trunk used to be here and has been replaced by this one!

Then round this walkway into the town.

And our bed for the night.

Sadly the town had nothing to recommend it as all the four pubs were closed and there were no restaurants! Our landlady took pity on Alan gave him a beer and a couple of bockwurst.

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