12 September 2016

Day 7. Probstzella to Tettau 23.4 kms

TThe enforced late start, breakfast not till 08:00hrs, meant we could catch up with the blogs. Once we were out the village it was a steep climb out of the valley, but the views on yet another gorgeous day were worth the climb.

The Bauhaus where we had stayed the night.

We now spent some time casting for the right path as it was not clearly marked. We backtracked and couldn't see it, then trying again from a known place we finally found it.

We passed this spot twice and didn't see it!

Third time lucky, but we had wasted time which was annoying as much as walking more than you need to.

Once on the path it was easy to follow. And when we came out the other side again the views were great.

In the forest were some of the largest ant hills too.

Here we started to follow a fairytale path.

Though we never did find out what made the Devil mad enough to thrust his fingers into the oak leaves?

But we were able to play the xylophone 

and the dendophone.

At the top of the Ratzenberg which is 678 meters high, is a 26 meters lookout tower which we also went up.

Then at a rastplatz outside Lichtenhain we found Tom and his dog having a snooze. Tom is a young man who started walking in Bad Elster like us, and we have seen him a couple of times along the way.

Much later we found this base camp for scouts or young folks. Then it was on to the border convoy route again.

There were many places where they told the story of the shootings that had taken place and the young people that had died. One story that depressed us was of a group that were returning to the DDR laden with food and building materials! They were not fleeing at all! These stories depressed us and we always moved on a bit subdued.

Then we passed through the poet's wood where signs were placed of many German poets and authors, from Von Fallersleben, to Goethe and Kleist.

Only one woman was represented! Bettina von Arnim.

The highest point and it was all down hill from here to our room in the Wildberghof. 

It is also a Hay hotel and you can sleep in the barn, but we are not as you can see. Alan sent out for a meal and beer. Not cheep but as his knees have had enough a good idea.


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