18 September 2016

Day 14. Einöd to Mönchengladbach (by bus and train)

It has been in the night where my knee pain appears to be more acute. Walking slowly it never seemed so bad. 

I have been grinning and bearing it since day 8 and should probably have stopped sooner. The next stage required me to walk in exces of 26 kms and that in rain, so I wimped out and decided to call it a day.

The first problem was how to get away from Einöd on a Sunday? No buses. One of the staff at the Country Scheune kindly took me to the bus stop in Hildberg. Here I had to wait an hour an a half for the bus.

 The driver when the bus came, was most helpful and took me to  Hildburghausen where I was able to get a local "Bimmelbahn " to   Grimmenthal, where I got a Regional train to Würzburg then an ICE to Frankfurt Airport and then another ICE to MG. I'm home now!

So ends my 40th anniversary border patrol. My intention is when I am better to continue from where I left off, though at this stage I cannot say when that will be?

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