11 September 2016

Day 5. Blankenberg to Grumbach 20.8 kms

Another lovely day where the paper mill was in full swing in the valley below as we set off.

Behind a car park in Blankenstein we found the sign for the hiking path that goes from there to Eisenach some 170 kms along the ridge of the mountains.

Other hiking trails also started here.

A shoe tree was there too and we wondered how they went on without there boots?

The old woman who lived in the shoe was not there though!

Initially we walked along good paths in the forest.

Beside which was a pot hole or do you think witches live there? Alan wouldn't say, but walked quickly on by!

There was of course the convoy route to walk as well. In many places of interest we found signs with information.

So we were never bored and was able to enjoy a good walk though the forest.

One could take shelter and stay overnight in this hit for example, for by now we are miles from anywhere. We sat and had a lunch break on the bench on the left.

A hiker came by and looked Ver suspicious at us and Alan. He walked past us to look at the hut and the turned and went the way we had come. Had Alan not wished him, have a good way, he would have said nothing. As it was he begrudgingly thanked us!

We set off again along really good patches and passed one more hiker a lady going the other way. 

The slow worm did not want to move as we came upon it.

Later the path got narrower as we got closer to the end of our hike. 

And soon we were there. Grumbach has no shops or ATM and when the pension where we were staying, an Italian restaurant, only took cash, it took almost all that Alan had! 


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