15 August 2014

Hanna Part 10

This morning I went for my fitness bike ride and stopped by the grave on the way back. We had a little chat, I shed a few tears, admired the flowers and was pleased the candle was still burning. 

After my breakfast I began to get out of my lethargy which descended on me 16 days ago now. At first I succeeded. I started a new regime of changing beds on a Friday, which was the norm when Hanna came to stay in Verden and Hameln. It was only over the last few years where she came on a Sunday, so that was the bed changing day.

As I cleaned, I needless to say, came across various cards she has given me. Reading them again stopped me in my tracks and instead of cleaning I indulged myself in fond memories of a shared life. Many of these cards dot my bookshelves and here is one I can share with you. 

The card was written for our anniversary of meeting, the day after her 75th Birthday in 2012.

One stag is saying to the other,
 "All women are somehow..." 
and the other replies, 
" not real men!"

Inside the card she wrote,

"75 red roses! You are crazy!
23 of them indicate 23 years of a relationship which has so far survived all the difficulties. 
One reason for this is that you are still unpredictable + crazy.
That means I'm not dying of boredom!
Happy Anniversary.
I love you.

And I love her still.

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