21 August 2014

My Impulsive Nature

I have routed my morning fitness cycle ride to go past Hanna, on the way home. Today was no exception. I stood and chatted for a bit and I do mean chat, not thinking in my head. Anyone passing might have thought I was crazy, talking to myself. Although nowadays one never knows if they are talking on their mobile phone. I shed a silent tear as I discussed who the hell was going to help me keep my feet on the ground and then had a laugh at myself and the fact that my impulsive nature can sometimes lead me into trouble.

Hanna had this theory that all men were "Bescheuert". Meaning crazy but can also mean tiresome and not always there. Her theory was that all a woman could hope for was to find one that was less "Bescheuert" than most, but at all costs women should avoid  men who are "Beklopt", meaning stupid. So I am thankfully not "Beklopt", according to Hanna, but a little "Bescheurt", which I have to admit I am. 

Having decided more or less how to spend the time I have left, I then thought that while travelling I would like to Blog on the move. I have a laptop which is a bit more of schlep-top and not suitable for backpacking. I have an iPad which is only WLAN and so needs a Hotspot to communicate. Any modern smartphone, Natalie tells me will act as such and so I started looking around at what was available at a price I wanted to pay.

The iPhone is clearly the best, though some of my friends are divided on this issue. Some have it and many others have an Android, generally the Samsung. All the best smartphones have one thing in common they cost about as much as it does to go on a weeks holiday somewhere. Looking on Ebay the other night I nearly proved I was Beklopt and not just Bescheuert. I made a sizeable bid for an iPhone 5s with only 10 minutes to go. Lo and behold I now found myself the highest bidder. Then when considering a new maximum bid I woke up to the fact that it said quite clearly that it was defective!!! I sweated for a few minutes till some other Berk bid more and I was out of it. So I laughed at myself while telling Hanna how stupid I had been to let my impulsive nature get the better of me. 

I dare say I will eventually get myself a smartphone with most of the stops and whistles to make it a fun toy to have, as well as do the things I want it to. But not immediately. Last night I almost thought I had the answer. I was chatting with a friend on the internet who is quite clever at finding things out on it. She is a mine of information and helped me crystallize my idea. But even so it would cost about 2 days of a holiday and then you needed a new all net tariff to go with it.

This morning a bright young man in the Apple Shop suggested what I needed was a Mobile WiFI Router. So off I went looking for one and it did not cost an arm and a leg. I combined this with a prepaid internet tariff and so can now Blog on the move. Prepaid does seem the way to go as I can buy such a SIM card in each of the countries I will visit between now and Christmas. UK, NL, USA and MALTA. No expensive roaming charges.

Spent a bit of time getting the damn thing to work, but it now does. It also can act as a reserve battery top up for your smart phone or iPad, which may come in useful one day. So I have no excuse now for not Blogging while underway and making way. The first real test will come when I am in darkest Sussex. In the past when staying with my friends there I never could get a mobile phone connection to send a text message to Hanna. But perhaps the situation has changed. We'll see.

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