4 August 2014

Hanna Part 4

Now I'm Medallion Man

The Locket I now wear.

Yesterday, thanks to my good friends Vera and Alex I did not sink into despair, but spent a very pleasant evening in their lovely garden. My sleep though was too short for I woke in the night, when the gremlins came for me. By 0700hrs I was bathed in sweat from my restless sleep, but fairly buoyant in my mood. Until I got in the shower that is. Then from apparently nowhere and with no previous concious forethought, as the warm water cascaded over my head, I started weeping. I managed to get a grip on myself so it didn't last long, but it did take me completely by surprise.

I am in truth an action man. I always need to do something. I do not like sitting around feeling sorry for myself. So when I got dressed I went and took the photo I had in my wallet of Hanna and I at my 50th Birthday party, cut her out and put her in a locket, which is also an heirloom.

So now I am a medallion man for I wear her round my neck and next to my heart. And do you know what? I do not even feel foolish, though I think Hanna would have called me a foolish romantic.

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