31 August 2014

Train hard fight easy

Yesterday I received a thank you letter from the said specialist doctor, so I knew the pills had arrived. He said that he had always been impressed by Hanna's stoicism, for despite her health problems she never let her head hang. 

On my speed march I went past the grave to see that the gardeners had been at work again. They have taken the stones and lamp into protective custody, I hope, for they were gone. A light has shone there day and night since the funeral, some 19 days and nights. I shall check that this is so tomorrow. The stonemason will be refurbishing the stone you see in the picture and redoing the foundations. An additional stone with Hanna's name and space for mine will then be added, before we begin with planting.

I set off on my speed march. I had set myself no real time or distance target, I just set off to walk for as long as I wanted at a pace I could maintain and with a measured 6 kilos on my back. An Army watch word has always been, "train hard fight easy" and this is one of the basics of my training plan. At the moment I am not fit enough to walk 25 kms day after day after day, but come the spring I hope to be. Another test I did was to take my mobile WIFI and my iPad to see if I could post on the move.

It worked as the picture I posted on Facebook was taken in a wood in the middle of nowhere. I had also hoped that it would rain, so that I could test my new poncho, but although it was overcast it did not, until well after I got home. I have decided on a poncho because they are not as sweaty underneath as a Gore-Tex rain proof jacket, a poncho will also keep the straps of the pack dry, but also because as any soldier will tell you, they make an excellent "basher" or one man tent in an emergency. 

I moved quickly but fairly quietly, especially in the woods. At one stage I even surprised a hunter out with his shotgun and Red Setter. He never saw me coming which does not say much for his or his dog's observation skills. I also, as luck would have it, had the wind advantage. At the last minute I announced my presence as I did not want to get shot.

My pedometer does not seem to be right, as it said I had gone 2 hours 15 mins and had walked 10.61 kms, but I had been gone 3 hrs 30 mins and had walked 14 1/2 kms. Just goes to show one must never rely on technical means. Paper maps and a good time piece is all one needs to navigate with on the land. Either way I enjoyed my walk.

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