5 August 2014

Hanna Part 5

"Der Reisebär"

Pippa and Squeak my childhood bears

Those that know me well, know that I have a very large collection of teddy bears. Not only that, but when travelling I would also take my oldest bears from my childhood with me. When doing so there was always the danger of loosing them with the suitcase if that went missing, which on occasions mine did, so I carried them in my hand luggage. These two bears are as old and decrepit as me, also wear glasses and are fragile.

Hanna knew the value of the bears and decided that I needed a new travel bear and presented me with one on a birthday, quite early in our relationship. She also personalised it by stitching some letters on one of its trouser legs which in German is the equivalent of  saying, “I love you!” As all my bears have names and histories I quickly named this bear “Jamie” after a little boy I used to know. I have used the bear on occasions as a motive for cards and here is one of him on an anniversary card.


Now Hanna  had a travel bear too called “der Reisebär”.  These two bears have accompanied us on ALL our travels together and mine, is a circumnavigator to boot.
They would sit together in whatever accommodation we found and watch whatever we got up to. Thankfully bears as anyone will tell you can keep secrets. They also protect one, children especially, from the dangers of the night.

In her Will Hanna mentioned that I might like to have her “Reisebär”, which needless to say I do. I am going away for a few days on Thursday so I went and got the said bear. I have named her (she was always a female even though she had no name) Hanna, and so now these two love bears will never be parted again, for in the past when not on holidays or travel adventures they lived separate lives. Now they live together with me and will share the many adventures to come. 

Jamie and Hanna will go where I go

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