22 August 2014

I saw a mouse! Where?

As usual I stopped by Hanna this morning. I do stand still and not just talk the whole time, and let the silence and peace of the cemetery sooth my soul. This morning was no exception. To my delight I saw  an Arvicolinae again!

A mouse like rodent to my English speaking readers or a W├╝hlmaus  to my German ones. 

I laughed out load and remembered with fondness Hanna's remarks to me when I had my mouse problem. 
You might like to read about it again here 

This is not the first time I have seen them. One needs to be there early in the morning and then to stand quite still for a bit. So Hanna is not alone and far from me keeping these creatures as house pets, which is what she suggested I do, she has them as neighbours. 

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