15 April 2018

There are now more Pilgrims on the road!

When our humans returned in the evening they found the hostel full and two pilgrims even had to sleep on the floor, one without a mattress! 

At the table sat an Irishman called Paul with white hair and beard and an Estonian young woman called Merla. Later an Italian called Michaelangelo joined them. The picture was taken by Merla after Alan had explained us Bears! 

The five humans drinking red wine were a little noisy considering that other pilgrims had already retired to their bunks behind a little screen! Mind you it was only 21:00 hrs!

As is usual in such hostels there is always one who wants to get an early start and so wakes everyone whether they like it or not.
This morning was no exception. The first group made their own breakfast and then departed leaving space at the table for the next group. Now you see Merla eating cold baked beans for breakfast!

The Irish don’t do breakfast and his first drink of the day was a Brandy in the nearest café where our two humans had a more normal breakfast!

When Irish eyes are smiling all is right with the world.

The Way was mainly along paved roads but when we left the road to follow the river much of the track turned to mud. 

Because of the rain Alan did not get the phone out much to take photos, but it was while walking this path that we heard the first cuckoo! We wonder if we will hear him daily from now on? Storks also are now in abundance.

There were a number of options open, as to how far to walk in the rain. Our humans decided to walk only a shorter distance and at the first café they came to Alan got the bar lady to ring ahead and book them two beds in the next village!

Paul and Merla now joined them in the café with the Irishman drinking yet another Brandy!

Not being in a rush our humans now left after them to go find their hostel in the next village!

We are in a fully functional small house which could sleep seven in three rooms. Showers were taken washing done then it was out to eat and find WIFI as the hostel only had a connection one had to pay for!!😟

In the little café bar next door our humans had a very basic meal of cabbage, potatoes and over cooked meat, washed down with dry white wine or an isotonic drink.

Our humans moved on from bar to bar now until they found one which served ice cream.

On the way they found this water pump which was as old as Alan. 😊

The bar they now are in is down there on the right. It has stopped raining now and tomorrow promises to be a better day.

With this Irish Blessing hanging in our little hostel we will leave you until tomorrow! 🐻❤️

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