27 April 2018

A damp and cool day on the Camino!

Our pilgrims were out the door early, without breakfast this morning. It was a grey looking dawn, although the sun looked at one stage as if it would shine for us. Sadly it did not.

The first thing we came to was another of those old washing places. Thereafter they got a bit distracted, or perhaps were not quite awake, for they missed the turn off! However, a little old lady stopped them and turned them round onto the right Way!

We had high hopes of a good days walking in the woods when we left the village and entered this track. But it was not to be, for this was virtually the only woodland path and the rest of the day was spent on roads! 

Once out of these woods we followed roads through and past small villages.

On the verge of the road our BBF noticed some mint growing!

Here he said that someone had planted plastic bottles!

The promise of sunshine never materialised and as the day grew older the humidity went up to 100%! A fine mist like rain meant covers were put on us and we could see little! 

Someone kindly laid a red carpet for us to walk on. 

The Way now went past the town of Anadia, but as our humans were in need of coffee and tea they went into the town and had breakfast in a café after some 7 kilometres of walking. 

Anadia was almost a complete new town and had an impressive football stadium and training facilities for such a small town.

Once we had rejoined the Camino and left the town we saw poppies in a field of beans we thought, but were not sure what the plants with the white flowers were!?!

A cemetery was passed as we entered another built up area.

The Camino again led our intrepid pilgrims away from bars and cafés, but our BBF is smarter than you’d think and led us all to yet another Cafe where we had a short stop. 

On the way out of town we came to yet another communal washing area. 

By yet another chapel which was closed, as all churches seem to be, was an old Cork tree!

Just down this damp road was our next stop and we were caught up by two other pilgrims. A German and a Dutchman.

Shortly after leaving this village we came to an industrial area and as luck would have it, it was lunchtime and chucking out time in all the factories! 
The roads became full of traffic. 

Our BBF wanted to capture the hustle and bustle as he snapped this, but instead snapped a real Boy Scout!
The car drew up next to us and the driver leaned over and gave our two humans each a plastic bag with a half litre of mineral water and two apples! 

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