11 April 2018

We are in it together.

It will be 20 years in October since we were here last, then on our circumnavigation. However, for Hanna Bear it is her first visit! Alan and I came again, not to Lisbon, but to a couple of other ports when we were delivering a yacht from the Mediterranean to the Baltic  in 2007 or was it 2008? 

We were the first out of the room and hostel this morning and set off for the Cathedral.

Alan did not like all the cobblestones as they looked slippery when wet, so he walked very carefully not wanting to fall before we had begun.

Lisbon is built on a number of hills and they have a tram system to get up and down them. We even found one that looked to us like a funicular tram!

Alan said Mönchengladbach could do with a tram or two to take people up and down the Hindenburg Straße!

At the first tourist shop we came to Alan bought two post cards to send to his grandsons and look what the shop keeper put them in! Clearly a bag to be kept and a good omen we thought.

We turned a corner and found a long long queue of humans waiting to be admitted to some event!

The queue was from both directions too!

We continued on our way through nice squares and ever more tourists.

When we got to the Tajo river we just had to have our picture taken.

In the background you can see the bridge over the river. All those many years ago we parked KARMA alongside a wall to the right of the picture!

Eventually we got to the Cathedral.

In this chapel to Mary Alan lit four candles. One each for two close friends about to undergo major surgery and one each for his grandsons and their mothers.
The pilgrim’s Hymn was sung quietly before saying the obligatory pilgrim’s prayers.

A tour of the Cathedral followed and then we got Alan’s pilgrim passport stamped.

Christ appearing to St Vincent!

We walked around the city some more, saw Roman ruins and more mass tourism!

The queue to get into the castle was too long for us so we sought out a cafe to sit and write our postcards!

Alan’s knees were now feeling the pressure of walking on eggshells as there were frequent little rain showers! 

Then it was back to the Hostel to sort ourselves out for tomorrow.

The view from our hostel window. 

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