18 April 2018

Dicing with death!

The humans meal last night was interesting, not just because our BBF was the only male, but because the owner, Helene, sat with us to eat. They had a typical Portugues meal! It was the same meal as they had had in Azambuja, only this time with Cod as opposed to meat! Helene was most hospitable and they all sat and chatted about walking the Camino.

The next morning all were up in time for breakfast at 07:00hrs. Not much was said as it was too early, but everyone got a big hug on leaving!

We stepped out into sunshine. Sadly the first part of the Way was along a small road with lots of traffic speeding like crazy as if they were late for work, which they may have been. Often drivers overlooked our two intrepid pilgrims and almost gave them a shave in passing! You certainly took your life into your own hands now, and swearing at the drivers didn’t help much. 

The views over the countryside were nice as one can see from the photos, however, much suncream had to be applied not to burn in the sun as the day progressed.

Eventually we reached Golegã where a coffee bar was sought to rest and use the loo. Alan’s toes hurt, but he was wearing his knee support so seemed to be coping with the hike.

There were many photo opportunities and the town had character. 

Some statutes seemed odd like this one. What was it trying to say? That childbirth is a cross women have to bear? If so why has the woman hooves instead of feet?

By the church was one to a bullfighter!

In the church, from this spot, our BBF sang all three verses of the Pilgrims Hymn. 

Then further up the road was an opportunity to be photographed with this chap who didn’t say much!

Another memorial to a bullfighter was found at the end of town. Then it was out into the country away from the raid and traffic.

Alan thought of one of his grandsons when he saw this little tractor. The driver was friendly and waved as he went by.

Back on a road, but thankfully with less traffic we came across this apartment block for storks. A rest was had on a convenient wall and then it was on again.

These women were planting something by hand through the plastic sheeting and waved as we went by! Now we were surprised to meet the Irishman, Paul and Merla again now holding hands as they walked by. We also had met the two French ladies we shared the last hostel with.

Along the verges were pretty wild flowers too!
After another short break in a coffee bar cone museum on its one day of the week it was open, we passed this ancient dwelling and crossed a river over a new bridge,  
While taking photos of the old one.

Then we saw a more modern version of planting from a tractor with women feeding single plants into the machine. Still hot hard work in this sunshine.

These dogs greeted us as we passed into their village.

On the other side were sheep grazing in an ancient olive grove.

When we crossed the railway line there were poppies and other wild flowers on the embankment.

At last we arrived and found our residence for tonight.

Our humans are sharing a room with us. The French ladies are also here.

In the reception was this lovely poem describing a pilgrim’s pleasure at finding a hospitable place to stay.
Alan did ask, as they had lived in Mozambique if they knew Peter Howson, but sadly they did not.

The human sought sustenance and at last Alan could have a mixed salad washed down with a cold beer in an aluminium mug!

The sun is shining still and an ice cream is now called for! 
Bon Caminho

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