17 April 2018

Over enthusiasm smashes glass!

Last night after finding a bar to sit and write their blogs our humans returned to the hostel where Rianne poured out some Dutch liquor called Schrobbeler. It’s good for the stomach, she said!

Alan to her surprise pulled out a set of dice and score cards for the game of Yahtzee or Yatze as the Dutch spell it. Rianne had discarded the game at the last hostel on the basis of unnecessary weight!
So they sat and played the game. Those who know our BBF well will also know how excited and enthusiastic he can become. He was so exited at throwing a Yatze ( five of a kind) that his violent arm waving knocked over his glass of Schrobbeler sending it flying and shattering into a thousand pieces!

Needless to say despite his enthusiasm he lost the game and not having any more of this nectar they drank wine.
 They each were the last to go to bed in their respective dorms and the first out this morning.

On the way out of Santarem they again took advantage of every photo opportunity.

The sun was up but had not burned off the fog. The route out of town took them along an ancient cobbled road, through an old gate and down the hill.

Once they left the road the route took them through fields some of which were a cause for discussion. What had been planted here? 

The stubble in the field looked like bamboo. It was peppered with little irrigation stand pipes. On one side of the path the field looked as if it was now fallow, and on the other asif it had been planted with something.

Occasionally they passed through small villages where they were able to stop for coffee. Once the sun had burnt the fog off, off came the jackets and shirt sleeve order was called for.

This was the first time they had come across a sign showing the Way to Santiago!

It was generally a lovely walk through the countryside, past eucalyptus woods and fields of Rape, Alan thought.

At one point they came across a few cork trees.

Often the path was wet and muddy and needed careful navigation. 

This little lake ended in a gushing stream and as they passed over it, Alan introduced Rianne to Pooh Sticks! She won of course. Beginners luck he cried, but we Bears know he is hopeless at the game for he never wins!

By the time they reached this point Alan’s knees and feet had had enough! They had now walked almost 20 kilometres and they had been told it was only 20 to the next hostel!

They had religiously followed the signs they saw and now passed through Pombalinho which was not expected! They stopped for a respite in a bar and using Maps on Alan’s iPhone worked out the shortest route to the hostel.

They were both relieved to see this sign the final destination.

In fact they walked 25 kilometres according to Alan‘s Garmin watch but according to Rianne‘s TomTom watch the distance was 28 kilometres. Alan’s bones and muscles thought that they had walked this distance too!

It is a private hostel and Helene the owner was most hospitable giving them isotonic drinks and nibbles as they arrived.

This is our room for the night and if we are lucky will not have to share it with anyone. Rianne is in another room with two French ladies Collette and Christine. 

An evening meal will be served at 19:30 hrs. 
We are not sure how Alan being the only male will cope with three women, but being a “Hahn im Korb“ we think he’ll enjoy himself.

It’s sometimes tough on the Camino!

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