23 April 2018

He’s added to his Harem.

Hanna, who’s birthday it is today would say that our BBF has added to his Harem (again)! We started walking today with two females and ended it with three!

After breakfast with Rianne and Christiane we set off on the road out of the village.

It took us across the river and up hill out of civilisation.

Then it went across country on generally good paths.

 The views were good across the valleys and occasionally the path was muddy. Then our BBF sang the Hippopotamus song, Mud, mud, glorious mud. 

The path was well marked with various signs.

In one village we walked through we came across a peacock, but he was camera shy! 

Here one poor beetle which had probably been crushed by a pilgrim boot was being carried away by ants for food.

Then again we saw farmers erecting what we now know was a greenhouse system.

At one stop we acquired another pilgrim, Carol from British Columbia who complained about being lost, but now she was found!

When we came across a water pump, our BBF could not resist turning the wheel to see the water flow.

The route went up hill and down dale, but the humans took it slowly to avoid any knee problems.

Here the Way had been marked with old shoes and Flipflops!

Behind one church which again was not open we found a large cross.
In one village the church bells pealed a tune over load speakers before striking the hours.

You can just see Carol and Christiane disappearing round the corner.

Just outside one village was a picnic and barbecue area which also contained an old washing area.

On one up hill stretch they came across an old ruin with a coat of arms which may have been a Knight’s house in years gone by.

The sun began to get hot, but mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid day sun. Speaking of mad dogs, Rianne has a neat gadget which makes barking dogs turn tail! It is some ultrasound device which makes them stop and run away!

We came across this fossil in the stone, clearly an ancient pilgrim sign!

And here some workmen were putting up new Way markers to replace the stone arrow.

Occasionally we came across some shrine or other.

This was the first windmill we had seen so far and a discussion was held about whether or not they could turn the roof to the wind. The large pole here show that the answer was, yes!

Signs to Fatima showing back the Way we had come abounded.

Then the Way was flat and dead straight. As always it was up hill into the village, but our hostel was right there as one of the first houses we came to.

Our party of humans now occupied one room and the first thing they did was to have a shower. Then washing was put in a machine and they went for an isotonic drink.

They sat in the shade to write their respective Blogs, or whatever humans do with their smartphones while not talking to each other! 

Our BBF went into the church to sing!

He said the acoustics were great.

This evening they will be having a pilgrim meal and we suppose drinking copious quantities of wine!
Buen Camino! 🐻

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