22 April 2018

On the Way again.

Last night was the first time for our humans to enjoy a proper Pilgrim’s meal with a group of other pilgrims! 
At the end of the table, furthest from the camera sat Manuell a German, opposite him Christiane also German. Then our BBF and opposite him Irene from New Zealand. Next came Rianne and opposite her Bill the Kiwi other half of Irene. And nearest the camera were Nan and Mike from Portland in Oregon.

Christiane bought the white wine and our BBF the red. We understand it was a convivial evening telling stories and just enjoying each other’s company!

Breakfast was a communal affair in the hostel kitchen and then we were off out the door and back on the Camino.

The route initially went along the road and up the hill. Our humans walked initially with Bill and Irene, but at this point our humans took their jackets off, while the Kiwis being hardy folk were already in shirt sleeves. It was also the place where they parted company as the Kiwis tromped on.

Alan’s left knee did not like the up or down hill work so we went slowly and enjoyed the views from the top of the hill.

Then it was off the tarmac onto proper paths. Some were Stoney ankle breakers and others gravel tracks.

The views from the top always compensated for the hard work. The sun shone but had not reached its full potential yet, so the hike was enjoyable.

Occasionally we came across shrines to some holy person or other.

This was the last proper Way marker as after this some vandals had taken the blue and yellow marks!

We slowly went down hill from this spot.

Occasionally there were bright flowers to be seen along the Way.

The Way became an ancient track between dry stone walls which with their stones could also. E ankle breakers, so caution was called for. 

This shrine was clearly to Mary.

On entering a bit of civilisation again we wondered if this could have been an old cistern? 

 Ansi├úo was our end destination for the day and we were surprised to see a sign so soon as our BBF had told us it was to be a hike of at least 15 kilometres!

Then suddenly we were there having walked just a little over 9 kilometres! 

Our humans stopped for a coffee in a pastel aria where they met again Irene and Bill. Fond farewells were said as they were going on and we were staying.

Needless to say as we were early we had to wait for our room to be made up. Christine the German lady now joined us and once our rooms were ready the humans showed and did their washing, which they hung up in the yard.

We were then left to guard the room while the humans went off in search of WIFI (there was none in the hostel) and an isotonic drink. Buen Camino! ­čÉ╗❤️

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