18 April 2023

Day 7 Inner German Border Tour

Last night before going to bed our BBF brought the bike into our room.for save keeping and put it in the wet cell out of the way.

This was another hotel without breakfast and since there was nothing near he ate the last Muesli bar. He also discovered that he had not properly connected the iPhone to the charge for just as we were going to set off he noticed it only had 30%! He got out the charger and put the phone on to charge and then had another lay down. When it got to 81%  we set off. The bike battery said it had a range of 119 kms. That wouldn’t last we knew once we started going up hill.

The day was grey and cold and that blasted wind was in our face. Alan hates it when he has to peddle to go downhill!

The modern Motel type place we left behind.

Once out of Duderstadt and on the open road the wind blew bitterly cold so we stopped and our BBF put on another layer. It stayed cold but thankfully didn’t rain.

Later on when we came to a set of three paths to choose from, no matter which path we took the COBI Navi said do a U turn!!!
Using iMaps we eventually  found the way again. But our BBF was now really upset and turned off the high pitched LooneyToon voice.

We had a number of rest stops along the way and here we found a stone which we took along to place out again further along our trail.

This voluntary Fire Brigade hut amused us as we couldn’t imagine a proper fire engine inside it. Maybe it was manned by Hugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grub!

It was a day of climbing hills again with views at the top to compensate, but as mentioned we did not always have an adrenaline rush going down all of them, most he had to peddle.

But along the flat we did try to conserve power as much as we could.

This panorama shot of the top of a hill shows the way we came on the right and where to go on the
Left.The road was dead straight too.

In one village we paused at we passed our respects at their War Memorial. The Middle stone names those who fell in the First World War and the outside two those who fell in the second.

We had passed one of those signs before, but never took a picture of it, now we did as we were going to go to the Border Museum in the village of Tettenborn, which the sign is just outside of!

As you can see on the map, but the museum is not there now! They moved it to Bad Sachsa! Well we were disappointed as we were not going there.

We paused on a bench just outside the village of Walkenried and looked for places to stay. We had a take it or leave it choice of staying at the Hunting Lodge. The battery was complaining as were Alan’s muscles so there we went. It’s all part of the adventure.

A grand palace it is too.

The entrance was warm and welcoming.

The upstairs Billiard room was steeped in history. The building dates from 1725.

William the Duke of Braunschweig had it built and that’s him on the wall.

Our room is up four flights of stairs and I should think was originally the servants quarters.

The rooms are not numbered, here but named and we are in the Hedgehog room and the bike is in the stables.

We are now by point 35 on the map.

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  1. For a few years I maintained the Walkenreid Hut on our side of the Border-also handed it back to BvA

  2. Good evening bears, looks like your making good time despite the weather and hills. I do hope the sun comes out soon and makes the journey a little more "bearable". Congratulations on gettinf this far, try a d keep the old mans spirits up!