23 April 2023

Day 12 Inner German Border Tour

As we looked out the window this morning we saw it was raining! A good start. After breakfast we set off and it was only a little drizzle. The going was flat only occasionally a longer incline, but no hill climbing as such. There was as usual wind against us, but not as strong as it has been.

There were signs for Das Grüne Band as you can see here. The whole way is not properly sign posted sadly. Down in Thüringen we saw a few and they were little wooden ones. These were better, but as you can see not maintained! Anyway we knew where we were and where we were going.

The drizzle eventually stopped but our BBF kept his waterproofs on for the moment.

We passed an old NVA Barracks. Not sure if you can see the sign, but one small sign says, be careful my Dobermann might have a bad attitude!

We found a good place for a rest stop, covered over behind the bus stop.

Here the fence is by the Memorial to the village of Stresow which as it was in the protected Zone the villagers were rehoused, 16 Farmhouses and
 Barns were torn down. At the memorial are actual size fences and other installations to see.

You are looking here across the Border from East to West. The fence this side is electrified and the little white sign says Beware Mine field and then the second fence.

This sign describes the various Zones DDR maintained along the whole length of the border from the Czech Republic to the Baltic Sea.

This sign shows how Stresow was in the protected Zone where no one was allowed to go or live.

The actual memorial stone.

After the reunification to commemorate the 16 farms destroyed they have planted 16 trees in 2005.

Our Human couldn’t get all 16 trees into one photo.

Note the last ditch to prevent vehicles from trying to mow the fence down, assuming they got past the first fence and the mind field.

This post on the Western side of the fence actually marks the Border, since all fences and other installations were installed on DDR territory. Sadly someone has removed the DDR Emblem which topped the post.

We said farewell to this interesting memorial and rode on to Schnackenburg on the Elbe River.

Here they had a very interesting Museum about the old Border.

From here going North hte river was the border and the DDR had fences along the dyke on their side of the river.

Inside the museum they have lots of uniforms and artefacts of the times as well as interesting stories to tell. Too many for us to mention them all.

But our human was pleased to find that the British Frontier Service got a mention and that they had recorded the history of this organisation fairly  accurately.

Outside they even had a DDR River Patrol boat on display.

We had intended to take the ferry across to the other side but were now told that no ferries were operating as there was too much water in the river. Crossing could only be made by the bridges. Drat now what? Our plan had been to criss cross the river on the ferries. Nearly all the possible accommodation was on this side.

Our Human got himself ans isotonic drink in hte form of a shandy and sat and worked out what to do next. We would have to stay on this side of the river then until Lauenburg.

Having made a new plan we set off and the weather gradually improved so we stopped to allow our BBF to take off his waterproofs.


We had another rest stop outside Gorleben and for those that don’t know this is where they store the Nuclear Waste from the powere stations.

Generally we followed the road on good cycle paths.

We stumble across this odd looking cemetery which turned out to be an art project with a message!

The sign says that  this is an honorary cemetery for the German Members of Parliament who were unable to prevent the Supergau, which is the melt down of an Atomic Reactor. Chernobyl was a Supergau for instance. Well the Germans have recently turned off all their atomic reactors.

We had one more rest stop on a dyke before we came into the town of Hitzacker and our human stopped at the first Hotel he came to.

Our wire donkey is in a stall being fed and we are comfortable in our room. Our BBF has showered and washed all his sweaty clothes and is now thinking of going out for a meal.

We cycled 67.8 kms today and are now by Point 51 on the map.

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  1. Thank you for such an interesting travelogue so far! It's very interesting and hope the rain holds off until you reach your final destination!! Sandy xxoo