15 April 2023

Day 4 Inner German Border Tour

Today has been another hard day due to the weather and the hills to be climbed. It rained from the moment we set off. We Bears do not like getting wet and so our BBF put us in a waterproof bag inside the basket. Now we have to rely on our BBF telling us what he sees and where we are going. He doesn’t like getting wet either, but it’s his adventure and goes with the territory. Just remember if it ain’t raining it ain’t training! 

From our overnight accommodation in Heufurt it was an uphill climb for 10 kms. The rain and the strong wind against us didn’t help either. The visor on the helmet get’s steamed up and makes visibility very poor. We can vouch for the fact that it’s an uphill climb even if we can’t see by the puffing of our BBF. Within five minutes he is breathing hard and uses all the gears and speed on the motor, although he does try and safe power when he can. 

In Frankenheim Rhön he found a loading bay with a bit of a roof to rest and plan the next stage. When we started we had a range of 100kms on Ecomodus, arriving  here we now only had 25 kms left!! Our BBF was perplexed and at first undecided what to do.

The route on began with another hill climb. The motor on Tour, Speed and Turbo modus showed a range of between 14 and 12 kms and mentioned that we did not have enough range! Alan turned round and sought out a German Pub called, would you believe it Die Hard fans, Schweinebacke! They kindly agreed to charge up his bike battery.

So he sat in the warm, but left us outside on the bike in the rain!! It took about two hours to charge the battery again. In the mean time he had coffee and something to eat.

All rested we set off again. Initially the COBI Bike App said we had 50kms range on Eco modus, which was enough we thought to get us to where we wanted to go, but seemed very strange as usually it would show a range of 120 kms fully charged.  The struggle uphill in the rain continued.

We criss crossed the old Border again, but didn’t stop longer than it took to take a photo.

Joy of joys shortly after this photo it was downhill for some 10 kms at speeds of up to 54 km/h! Oddly now the COBI Bike App told us we had 124 kms range and this after another 10 kms uphill! We were all confused, but pressed on. There were in fact two of these adrenaline rush downhill rides and then a nice flat stage on proper cycle paths which, despite the rain our BBF said he enjoyed!

In Tann we came across a bit of history concerning Martin Luther, apparently Eberhard von der Tann a nobleman was one of Luther’s friends and sponsors.

We road on through the countryside on fairly flat paths until we came to Geisa when in order to get to our room for the night we had to go uphill again.

We are in the Schloss Geisa and they let Alan put his bike in the Airlock entrance for the night!

We have a comfortable warm room. Alan showered and washed his clothes and then planned where we might end up tomorrow.

We are now by point 21 on the map and have gone 47.5 kms today.

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