17 April 2023

Day 6 Inner German Border Tour

As the hotel where we were staying couldn’t do a breakfast we had to go to the Baker’s Cafe just over the road. We then returned to finish packing. Afterwards our BBF went to get the bike from out of the lockup.

Sod’s Law kicked in as he found some clever Town Hall servant had packed the service car too close to the lockup to get the bike out! Until someone came who worked in the Town Hall came he was helpless. A helpful man did then come by and using his phone was able to get one of the Town Hall secretaries to come and assess the situation. She eventually found the car key, but thought she had the wrong one as she couldn’t open the door with that key. She went and got another car key which didn’t work either! The man now tried suing the first car key and found that if you turned it the other way the door opened!!

The day now started well as not only was rain not in the offing, but occasionally the current bun came out. The going was good too as it was mainly flat with a slight downwards incline which made cycling without motor easy. Our BBF cruised like this for approximately the first 10 kms. Thereafter he rationed his use of the motor and did his best never to go above Tour if he could help it. 

It wasn’t always possible as we did have to go up often enough as you can just make out here. When we our BBF was almost at the end of his huffing and puffing uphill peddling we all had the thrill of downhill rushes.


Generally we followed re-entrants and valley floors which pleased you know who. Only the wind caused us problems as once again it was strong and always from ahead.

We passed through Flinsberg which says it is the Geographical Middle point of Germany. We think this is disputed as the town of Niederdorla also calls itself the geographic centre of Germany.

It was a climb to get out, but the views made up for the struggle.

The windsock proves how strong the wind was and that it blowed from ahead.

We had a rest at the top of the next hell and our BBF ate a muesli bar to gain some strength.

The views compensated for the struggle to get there as always.

There was also this sad sight to see. The poor girl died before her 17th birthday, probably in a traffic  accident at this spot.

We paused again at the next border crossing.

From here it was only a couple of kilometres into Duderstadt. Our BBF checked the accommodation availability in the middle of town and close to the Lion Hotel, but their prices where out of our budget at €129 for a room! He found a DUD Hotel with a room price of €53 much more reasonable.

We had some trouble finding it as the directions were odd and confusing. In the end we found it more by accident than by design. It looks more like a Motel.  It had no reception which confused us !

But the sign explained it all, we had only to do as it said and wait till 1500hrs as we were a little earlier.

A smaller bed than last night let’s hope our BBF doesn’t fall out of bed in the night.

So far Alan has locked the bike up outside the door, but he will bring it into the room for the night.

We are now by point 32 on the map having cycled 50 kms today.


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  1. Following your adventure Bears, hopefully the weather will start cheering up a bit for you and make life a little easier. Try and keep the old man in good spirits-he's got a way to go!