27 April 2023

Day 16 Inner German Border Tour

Our BBF did not sleep well as he kept trying to find solutions to his flat tyre problem. We all got up as normal at 07:00 hrs and our human packed ready to go. 

Breakfast at least was good. During it our BBF considered his options. He tried telephoning the Bike shop, but all he got was an answering machine. Then he hit on the idea of trying to find an E-bike hire place. He rang the first one he found and spoke to Olaf. When Olaf heard of our problem he immediately offered to repair our bike while we took off on one of his bikes to find the end of the Green Ribon. That was an offer our BBF could not refuse, so now after breakfast he left our luggage in the Hotel and pushed the bike to the Beach Station, some 900 meters away.

Olaf gave us one of his bikes and so we left to get one of the ferry’s to Priwall. Now we had some more bad luck.

Our BBF needed to find a Loo, which he did on the Beach. He locked the bike with the two locks,  the frame lock on the back wheel and the separate wire lock. When he came out the wire lock was easy to remove, but the frame lock would not unlock itself!! Eventually he had no choice but to phone Olaf, who came out on a bike, but he could not open it either. Olaf went back to his shop to get another key, but that didn’t fix it either, so we took Olaf’s bike and he carried the other backs to his shop.

We now got to the small ferry and after buying tickets at the machine we joined a whole class of kids from Hamburg. It was but a short ride to the other side. 

The route to the end point of the Grünes Band was also straight forward and we found one memorial quickly.

The sign says, “never again divided”! And then goes into detail of the history.

The local District placed a nice stone there to commemorate the reunion.

After getting his photo taken our BBF set off for the end of the line and the bend in the fence that had been erected there. 

The Green Ribon ends here, but the fence went along the coast for another 17 kms along the line of the path behind us.

We went to the beach and had our photo taken as proof that we finally got there from Einöd some 15 days ago.

We now returned and took the other car ferry back to Travemünde. 

Back at the Bike Hire Olaf and his partner were still working on our bike. Olaf had even gone and bought a new inner tube as the worn one

had four thorns in it, like the one below.

In many respects we were lucky, for if this had occurred when we were in the back of beyond and miles from civilisation what would we have done?

Our BBF, once the bike had been repaired returned to the hotel to collect our luggage and once there he telephoned Jürgen to come and get us, which he did. Ever body should have a BBF like Jürgen. He got up early to drive here by lunchtime and return us to home. The journey back was uneventful as Jürgen is a very good driver. 

So we are home from a once in a lifetime adventure and will sleep well tonight. Our BBF has already thought about his after action report which he discussed with Jürgen who remarked that it would cost money to put it into action. Our BBF says he needs 12 gears instead of ten, better cycle gloves which work on screens even in the rain, two new saddle bags and a better cycle jacket. 

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  1. Very well done Alan and bears. Boy, did you have some stuff to cope with! Happy to pay my promised sponsorship pennies, thanks for the reports!