26 April 2023

Day 15 Inner German Border Tour

This morning our BBF was keen to be off. The day started fine even if it was cold and windy. After breakfast we set off and followed the East Bank of Lake Ratzeburg North through the woods. 

This was all part of the DDR. Upon the hill at the Northern end of the lake we came to another reminder about what the border did to the people who lived here. The Municipality of Römnitz which prior to 1945 belonged to Mecklenburg vor Pommern was now assigned to Schleswig Holstein.

The going was fairly easy were it not for the wind, which again blew with a cold intensity designed to chill the hardiest of souls.

Eventually we came to Lübeck where our BBF now went into town. 

He is a great Marzipan fan and he knew of a shop where they made the best. Having made his purchases we returned back to where we had left our route. The way took us on long distance paths out of town via industrial sites and past the marina.

We reached Travemünde by lunchtime and our BBF was keen to get on the ferry and go as far as he could today. However, he thought it best to phone the next possible accommodation before we did. For Priwall which is the end of the Green Ribon Route is only a small place. Sod’s Law kicked in and the accommodation was not up and running until 28 April!!

Well we were near cafes and so our human sat and had a bowl of Soup and a Isotonic drink. It now started to rain and we bears who had been left behind on the locked up bike while he went on on foot got wet!

Fortunately it didn’t last long. Meanwhile our BBF walked to the Tourist Information Office to enquire about accommodation for the night. They found him a reasonably priced room with breakfast and now he had to walk back to where he had left us.

Travemünde boasts Germany’s oldest light house built in 1539.

Altogether again he rode the short distance to the small hotel. Now disaster struck. After carrying us in and returning for the saddle bags when our BBF now looked at the bike we had rear wheel flat tyre! His first thought was get it repaired and after asking where a Bike shop was set off there. In his rush he passed it and when he eventually did find it, it was closed for today. It only opens from 1000hrs till 1500hrs  on other days.

He returned to the hotel and locked the bike in the bike shed.  So we are in Travemünde  and our BBF says that tomorrow we will go by ferry and foot to the end of the Green Ribon, at least.

We are now by Point 59 on the Map.


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  1. Alan, this is a remarkable journey or undertaking and I am in awe of your efforts. Clearly you’ll be well looked after by your travelling companions and hope your bike is repaired soon and you can continue your journey in safety. Well done my friend.