22 April 2023

Day 11 Inner German Border Tour

This morning we set of into a sunny and warme day. The route was fairly flat with occasional inclines which made our human work a bit.

What is good is that you can see for miles. The damn wind was still with us, though warmer in its tone. It just made the inclines heavy work for our human.

We stopped frequently and for a while as we seemed to be making good progress our human toyed with the idea of doing another 20kms when we got to our first waypoint. 

Being a Saturday we did think that we would see more people about, but we didn’t. We passed through sleepy villages with few if any people about.

At one point on our route we encountered a problem. We should cross this bridge! Our human cast about for a way round, but in the end was forced to turn back to an earlier checkpoint. 

We found a way round and carried on. The day actually got warm so clothes came off for a change.

We had frequent rest stops, but even so our human was pooped by the time we got to Arendsee and so turned into the first hostilely he could see.

As you can see we have a bed and our bike is locked up under a carport. 

Our BBF has cycled 63 km’s today and we are now by point 47 on the map.

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