30 September 2014

A Perfect Day

While Alan went out and as we understand it, had a perfect day, we stayed behind!!!

The day started for Alan and George with a real American breakfast with the family, bacon and eggs, toast and coffee etc. No wish was left unfulfilled.

Brec and Sandy cooking breakfast

After breakfast, Brec took Alan and George out to see the area and to his Studio. For the German readers, this is true Katie Ford country with smart wooden houses set in beautiful countryside and close to the sea.

Brec has a studio in which he does his paintings in an old warehouse and Alan and George found it to be a fabulous place.

In one corner of it Brec has arranged a gallery of some of his work and in a loft arrangement above this he has a study or den with lots of lovely books and interesting things that he has collected. Perhaps his most interesting item was a small glass jar of shells collected by Joshua Slocum, the first ever solo circumnavigator.

After stopping at a Deli to get some lunch they set off to the Yacht Club where Brec kept OTTER the yacht on which he sailed round the world.

Before they could have a sail though, the salt water pump on the engine had to removed and  a new impeller fitted as it was not pumping water at all.

Brec being efficient, had everything to hand and so it was only a matter of minutes to fix. Then they were off for a short trip in brilliant sunshine around Long Island Sound.

What upset us most was when we heard that Brec has "Pugsly" his little furry friend who circumnavigated too, aboard and we were left behind!

On the way home they went to a beach where Alan did some beach combing before coming home to a diner party with a couple who had sailed around twice, once in the 70s and again in the 80s. Consequently the evening was spent telling tall tails of storms at sea and other things like that. Swing the lamp we call it. Either way Alan maintained he had had a perfect day, the very best for along time.

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