25 September 2014

Ready for the off.

The picture shows the travel bears, Jamie and Hanna sitting in a rucksack ready to go. 

As you can see we are both ready for the off. Tomorrow morning early Alan will put us in his pack and then we depart for the airport and New York.

This morning early we were rudely awakened to be told that J's wife had fallen in the night and was in hospital with a suspected broken hip!  J asked Alan to see if he could fly up to a week later. Alan leapt out of bed and was at the travel agency before they were open. Sadly they said that the ticket could not be changed and if cancelled one would only get the tax element back!!!

Various options were considered and discussed and we waited the best part of the day to eventually hear that J would travel. His wife would need to spend a week in hospital, but the family had rallied round and would take care of her so that J could fly with us and Alan to America. 

Nothing now stands in the way of a great new adventure. We are thrilled as it has been 4 years since last we were on a really big adventure. We have been to the UK, Hameln and in Holland sailing up and own the canals, but to fly to America is so much more exciting.

Watch this space for updates.

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