28 November 2014

Dreams and Memories

It is late or early morning and my last night on Malta. I have woken and can’t get back to sleep for wondering about a strange dream I have had which has also evoked many memories.

I am in an expensive women’s wear shop with I know not who. Not Hanna that is certain. And I am buying a woman an outfit (suit?) for a special occasion we are going to. No idea what, but you get the idea. On the counter are silks and very fine linens in pastel shades of cream and pink. The woman I am buying this for is somewhere looking at the racks and I turn to the sales lady and ask if she is sure the colours are not too “young for madam?” She replies that she is sure that with “madam’s complexion” she can carry them off!!

What does this dream mean? Dreams surely are sometimes our way of working out things that have happened to us during the day, but today I have not been near women’s dress shops or thought of a woman! Is the dream telling me to beware of “mutton dressed as lamb”! Why am I buying this unknown woman something expensive to wear? And who is she? An old love? A new love?

The memories this had evoked in the dark are something else entirely and are wonderful memories I have of some occasions with Hanna. I never had to buy her clothes, though often offered to. There were, however, two lovely occasions when I spontaneously did buy her something to wear.

The first occasion was long ago when we were new to being lovers. I was also a newly appointed Services Liaison Officer and we were in Verden on our way home from some event in town. In a side street we came across an exclusive Lingerie shop. I said come on we’ll buy you (meaning us) something frivolous.

She did not protest too loudly and so in we went and what fun we had. The sales lady gave us glasses of champagne and made us relax and showed off her wares. We had no real idea what we wanted, but knew what we wanted it for. I was also ushered into the changing room and we had such fun choosing something frivolous for each other.

If you have never done it, then I can recommend the experience, go out and take your lover into such an exclusive shop. Yes, you will end up spending a shed load of money, but you will create a memory that will keep you warm in the winter of your life. It brings a smile to my face even now.

The other occasion was also spontaneous. We were in Maidstone in the UK and had gone there for a quintessentially English morning suit wedding in a 13th or 14th century church. I had discussed with Hanna beforehand the wearing of hats. She in her stubborn way said she never wore hats. I said then that she would be the only woman without one! She did not believe me.

It was the morning just before the wedding and we were walking through the small town and came across a Milliners that was having a sale! I literally dragged her in and said come on let’s try some hats on. Reluctantly she did and again we found one that suited her and with which she was happy. She looked good in it and again it was one of those occasion in my life where I have done the right thing and I was so so pleased. And yes, she would have been the only woman at the wedding without a hat.

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