11 June 2024

Home Again!

Our BBF was annoyed and perplexed last night ( Monday 10 June ) when he couldn’t find affordable accommodation for our next night! His lack of fitness for maintaining 80-100 Kms per day meant that we would take longer and so the whole Adventure looked more expensive than first thought! The weather was far from perfect for rain was forecast on our route for the next two days. As we went to sleep our BBF announced that we would return home. He‘d rather spend money on outings with his patchwork families than on a cycle tour where only rain was our steady companion!

The next morning it was not raining yet which was a bonus. Alan was the only guest for breakfast after which he packed and then collected the bike! Once loaded we had a look at what Bergheim had to offer. 

As it was mildly sunny we Bears could sit where we too could enjoy the countryside. Bergheim, appeared to us to have far more Italian Ice Cafes than decent restaurants.

Once the right direction was found we headed out of town on a different route to the one we came in on. Eventually we did find and follow the Erft river again.

Without rain the ride was more entertaining and enjoyable! 

Once again we crossed over the river on small bridges! 

Occasionally we would see the odd human walking a dog, but we had the paths to ourselves! 

Then the route took us over a hill we did not cross before to find ourselves on the edge of a large windpark! 

Close by was also a brown coal fired power station. Later we came closer to one and found our small hut again!

It was cold on the bike which explains our BBF‘s head covering. Then it was on again until we reached home in good order. 

Alan left us to take a short walk into town to buy a few bits.

He didn’t fancy cooking so took himself off to Bowl Brothers for a meal. 

He was the only guest, though they appeared to do a brisk trade in takeout/deliveries! 

So ended a brief adventure. 

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