27 January 2015

The road to hell!!

The road to hell is paved with good intentions!  I said last year that I would always be around in M├Ânchengladbach  on important anniversaries. (Read http://karmavoyages.com/?p=126 ) As I sat by Hanna's grave the other day and contemplated my year ahead, I realised that I was not going to be in M├Ânchengladbach  for any of the days I said I would be!
On Hanna's birthday this year I shall start to walk the Camino, so I will be in France. I shall be on the Camino on the anniversary of our first meeting, crossing over from France to Spain.  On the anniversary of her death I shall be sailing up the North Sea.
In August my grandson Christopher will be starting school and sadly I shall be at sea then too. :-( And it is highly likely that I shall be in America on All Saints Day  1st November too!
So much for my good intentions. What it does show though, is that I am getting on with my life and that it is full of travel, adventure and I hope excitement.

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